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The next industrial revolution should be for humans

Automation isn’t solved. 

Even in factories, where automation is prolific, only one in ten automatable tasks is automated. The rest is done by people – sometimes in inhumane conditions, and often for minimum wage.

Our robot Eva and the revolutionary programming software, Choreograph, are going to redefine what it is to work, for everyone. The challenges awaiting us are unique. They loom large in difficulty and impact, and even big tech companies don’t dare to take them on.

For us to succeed, we need a team dedicated to solving these problems. We want radical people with wisdom from multifarious backgrounds.

Join us in building this future. We’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

Founding Values

From the beginning of the company, Automata's founders upheld a few key principles. Today they remain essential to the company's culture:

  • Be guided by how things should be, not what they need to be: we think from first principles
  • Have as wide an impact on as many people as possible: we solve large scale problems
  • Create things that are almost too good to be true: we push the belief envelope
  • Means are just as important as the end: we love a good intellectual challenge
  • Our work should speak louder than us: we speak less, do more

Life at Automata

We look around, seek the gaps and opportunities, and actively work to fill them. You should have ownership of your work, and feel empowered to make big changes if that’s the sensible thing to do. If you’re spending your time pleasing others or dodging bullets, you’re not autonomous.
We're not afraid to fail. We work to minimise the cost of failure and then fail as quickly as possible to find the path to success. You should learn and grow and be asked for more than you can do right now, but not so much that you collapse under pressure.
We reason. “The boss said so” doesn't work here. Decision making is collective and consensus-driven. If we can't find consensus, we believe making a decision, testing and correcting it later is better than being stuck in limbo. If you don’t know - ask; if you’re asked - help to the best of your ability.

Work on your terms

Our team benefits have been designed to reflect and support the transparency and autonomy that is core to Automata's culture. 

As we continue to grow and learn we expect our benefits to do the same. We welcome all suggestions from the team on how we can best provide a meaningful package that has a positive impact on their lives. 

  • Learning & Development 🎓

    We each get £1000 per year to spend on our personal growth, learning and development.

  • Unlimited holiday 🏖️

    Taking holiday should be a joy, not a source of anxiety.

  • Flexible working 🤹

    We know that a ‘one size fits all’ working week is unrealistic for a growing team. As much as we can we want to help you balance your work and home life.

  • Employee referrals 💰

    There's plenty of HR data around the benefits of hiring referrals, but the important thing for you to know is that if we hire someone you refer you get to work with a valued colleague or friend and you receive a £1000 referral fee.


Can't find your perfect role?

We're hiring across the whole company so if you don't see a role you want to apply for then simply connect with us to let us know what you're most excited about doing at Automata. We're also keen to hear from passionate interns and recent grads.


Recruitment agencies this bit is for you.

You should know that Automata only work with external agencies very occasionally on a role-by-role basis, following an extensive brief about our company, the role, and our hiring process. We don't think an agency would be successful in supporting us without this onboarding session.

We only accept CVs that are submitted via our ATS, TeamTailor. Speculative CVs sent via email will not be considered liable for a fee. 


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